The Company has established long term sustainable reputation of providing high quality on time contracting and trading services complying with Quality System requirements, to its customers throughout the Global, refineries, oil and gas sectorsThis reputation is based on a clear commitment to maintain and continually Improve the highs tandards we are known for. “We are at FISM ENGINEERING are committed to

  • The Organization ensures and delivers timely defect free products and services that meet or exceed the requirements of Internal and External customers and legal I statutory regulations as applicable.
  • The Organization analyses its continual improvement needs through Management Review Meeting and Customer Satisfaction reports.


The policy of the company is to achieve a safe working environment which will protect the employees from Industrial harm and risks as well as protect their health and the general surrounding environment.

  • Commitment to fulfill compliance obligation related to HSE.
  • Consider health & safety a priority in business planning and decision process.
  • Every employee Is responsible for his/her and their coworkers health 8 safety.
  • All supervisors and managers are responsible for the safety and well-being of their subordinates.
  • The company is responsible to ensure that all employees have the resources available to make the company premises a safe, healthy and environmental friendly workplace.
  • The company will follow in ESE all National 8, intemational applicable legislative rules & regulations.
  • The company ensures that the workforce is trained and able to perform their work in a safe and In an environmental friendly manner.
  • The company ensures that all employees pursuing sustainable environmental practices as a good culture for future generations.
  • Prevention of injury, ill health, pollution and other environmental impacts.
  • All Incidents and accidents must be investigated and reported to management through proper channel with root cause, corrective and preventive actions to avoid future reoccurrence.

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